Trump Supporting Teens Realize Their MAGA Hats Were Blurred Out of Yearbook Photo


Two Trump supporting Pennsylvania high school students are a bit angry after they received their yearbook and realized their MAGA hats were blurred out of a photo.

Littlestown high school student Jeremy Gebhart told FOX 43 that he and his friend decided to wear the “infamous” hats during their school spirit week to make it clear they backed the president. 

“I just think he really wants to help out our country and I think he is,” the 16-year-old told the station.

The student’s photo with his classmate appeared to be a normal photo — until you look a little closer. The hat that should read “Trump: Make America Great Again,” now read — oh, wait — nothing. 

“We were like, wow, they blurred our hats out,” Gebhart said.

"I was infuriated because he wears that hat because he supports our president," Lorraine Gebhart said on behalf of her son. "He's not doing anything illegal whatsoever, he's wearing a hat of support."

Both Gebhart and his mother told the outlet his first amendment rights had been infringed upon but said it would not silence them in the least.

“Everybody has first amendment rights, right?” Gebhart asked. “They have freedom of speech and they’re allowed to think what they want and say what they want but they’re not allowed to take that from other people.”

“It’s very upsetting,” Lorraine Gebhart added. “Someone used this [photo editing software] on purpose to blur out that Trump logo and make their own statement. It is okay to disagree with people's views, but what's not okay is taking your freedom of speech and using it to take away someone else’s.”

The news station reached out to the Littlestown school district and the superintendent claimed the mistake was an oversight:

“The mistake was not noticed during the editorial preview process prior to print,” the statement read. “We apologize on behalf of the yearbook club. It is not the policy or practice of the district to improperly censor speech.”

H/T: The College Fix

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