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Trump Fires Back at Pelosi's Proposed Wall-less Spending Bill: 'Without a Wall, It Doesn't Work'


President Trump responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s vow that Democrats’ proposed spending deal to avoid another partial government shutdown on Feb. 15 won’t include any money for a physical border wall, saying he’s not “playing games” and that “without a wall, it doesn’t work.”

“I’ve told a lot of people, I don’t expect much coming out of this committee,” Trump said Thursday. “Because I keep hearing the words that ‘We’ll give you what you want, but we’re not going to give you a wall.’ And the problem is, if they don't give us a wall, it doesn't work. Without a wall, it doesn't work."

Trump’s statement echoes his repeated pledge that he won’t sign any spending deal that doesn’t include his requested $5.7 billion in funding for parts of a border barrier along select vulnerable sections of the U.S. border.

The Democrats’ proposed legislation also reportedly denies Trump’s request for funding for additional border agents.

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