Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing' Could See Reboot After Successful Return of 'Roseanne'


Yearning for the “good old days” has reached a fever pitch in the wake of the return of ABC’s “Roseanne.”

TMZ is reporting that because of the unexpected success of the premiere episode of the Roseanne Barr-led sitcom "Roseanne," Fox is weighing their options in terms of bringing back and rebooting other successful shows of the past.

Buckle your seatbelts, because TMZ reported on Thursday that their sources within Fox are saying that the sitcom at the top of the list for a possible return is none-other than “Last Man Standing.”

According to TMZ:

Our FOX sources tell us [actor Tim] Allen’s show -- which was controversially canceled last year -- is now under serious consideration for a reboot. There were rumors the show was canceled because of Allen's personal conservative affiliations -- he compared being a conservative in Hollywood to 1930's Nazi Germany, as well as the conservative character he portrayed on the show.

The irony ... we're told the success of "Roseanne" has intrigued FOX because there appears to be a big Trump-supporting audience out there. FOX produced the show when it aired on ABC, and we're told the talk now is to possibly reboot and put it on FOX.

Of course there is a big audience out there that doesn’t fall for the typical crap we get from the big networks — which TMZ calls the “Trump-supporting audience.” First off, half the country who actually voted, voted for Trump. Plus, there are those that didn’t cast a ballot for any major party that doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid that Hollywood churns out.

People were up in arms in 2017 when ABC cancelled Allen’s more conservative-leaning “Last Man Standing,” despite the show consistently dominating its time slot during its final season.

Right after the 2016 election, Allen sat down with then-Fox News employed Megyn Kelly and explained how hypocritical the Left is when it comes voicing your beliefs.

“What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn’t like Trump because he was a bully,” Allen said. “But if you had any inkling that you were pro-Trump, you got bullied doing that.”

This past Tuesday's premiere of the return of "Roseanne" saw an astounding 18.2 million viewers tune in. It was the largest audience for a sitcom in over three years.

Here’s hoping to a return of Allen’s lead character Mike Baxter and “Last Man Standing.”

For a little taste of the hilarious "Last Man Standing," watch below:

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