A Texas Town Just Declared Itself a 'Sanctuary City For the Unborn' - and the Washington Post HATES It


A small Texas town is taking matters into their own hands when it comes to abortion, passing a city ordinance banning abortion clinics from their locale and declaring themselves "a sanctuary city for the unborn."

Of course, here’s the Washington Post’s spin on the story:

Five men this week declared a small town in East Texas a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” commandeering the language of the movement for immigrant rights to counter the reproductive freedom of women.

Allow me to rephrase, but without all the liberal nonsense:

Five men – four fewer than the nine men who decided to legalize abortion via Roe v. Wade – declared a small town in East Texas a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” protecting children while issuing a clear rebuttal to those who think immigration violators should be protected by law while pain-capable children can be legally dismembered for convenience.

Now, on to the actual story. 

The five-member city council of Waskom, Texas, population 2,200, voted Tuesday to approve a new city ordinance banning the establishment of an abortion clinic within city limits. The move’s a preemptive one, as the town doesn’t currently have any such clinics in operation. However, local residents reportedly said they were worried that if Louisiana’s all-out abortion ban goes into effect, it could drive a Shreveport-based clinic, located about 20 miles away from Waskom, across the Texas border and into their town.

The ordinance declares that any organization that provides abortions or helps women obtain them “are now declared to be criminal organizations in Waskom, Texas.” The measure does include exceptions for rape and incest, and cases where the mother’s life is at risk.

Of course, the Washington Post wrapped the tale of a small town trying to protect its babies up in gobs of left-wing jargon designed to make these couple-thousand Texans look like backwater hicks – even when it made no sense. Check out this random WaPo addition, for example:

The legislation was modeled on a measure embraced 7 to 1 in March by the city council of Roswell, N.M., which is best known as the site of a purported UFO crash in 1947. 

Because….that’s relevant? To weave UFOs into a story about pro-life citizens wanting to keep sanctioned murder out of their town?

Apparently so, if it's in the name of propping up infanticide.

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