Ted Nugent Bleats Like A Sheep While Discussing Vaccines On PBS


Ted Nugent refuses to mince words about the COVID vaccine. Though when it comes to that topic, Nugent eschews words completely and insists on communicating in the way he thinks the PBS audience will understand best -- by bleating like a sheep.


The hard rock singer/songwriter sounded off in a recent interview on PBS talk show Off the Record.

If you’re curious as to how this conversation played out between the Motor City Madman and the left-leaning, government-funded news show, just know that it ended with Nugent uttering sheep noises.

Of course it did. 

Prior to the barnyard animal exclamations, Nugent and the show’s hosts talked about whether the rocker would be getting the vaccine. He emphatically denied that he would be getting it, and called it an “experimental shot.” 

Nugent explained  that when he contracted COVID earlier this year, instead of taking a government sanctioned shot, he took COVID-19 therapeutics like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine because the government doesn’t recommend them.

“I did what the government told me not to do, which is what I always do," he said, adding, ‘what the government tells you to do is always the wrong thing.” Alright, well that’s an interesting philosophy, though with today’s federal government increasingly becoming a thorn in our side, perhaps it’s a prudent way to live at the moment.

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He explained that he’d taken “hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, steroids, and zinc” and of course bolstered that with “my healthy lifestyle.” Nugent prides himself on eating clean by living off the land. He is an avid fisher and hunter, and he famously abstains from drugs and alcohol. Considering the man is 73-years-old, that lifestyle probably kept the worst possible COVID symptoms at bay.

Nugent stated, “I'd like to think my calling is to raise hell with those who attempt to represent 'we, the people,' based on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all those foundational values,” he said.

That way he can vet who will stand for our freedom when they get political power.

As far as the people who have been following U.S. leaders’ COVID mandates, he indicated they’re not free. In a hilarious portion of the interview, Nugent stated, “I appreciate the opportunity to speak to the people that went ahead and got the jab. I speak their language. I will speak to them thusly: Baaaaaah. Baaaaaah. Baaaaaah. Baaaaaah. They understand that,” he said. 

One can agree or not with Nugent about the vaccine, but to see the “Cat Scratch Fever” singer bust out the animal sounds in front of the genteel progressives at PBS was pretty damn hilarious.



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