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Student: Teacher Says Trump Can’t Be ‘Hero’


Parents of an 11-year old student claim that a New York middle school informed their daughter that she was not allowed to have President Donald Trump as her “hero” for a class assignment.

Arthur Moscato, the girl's father, says he can't believe someone would tell his sixth-grade daughter that the current U.S. President can’t be her hero.

The student, Bella Moscato, told News12 Long Island, “She said that I wasn’t allowed to do Donald Trump because he spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women.”

“The thing I didn’t get, is she was okay with someone doing Barack Obama, but not okay with doing Donald Trump?”



Sachem Central School District Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Graham issued a statement to News 12 saying:

It is not accurate that this student was told that they were not allowed to conduct research or report on any individual for a school assignment, including President Trump. To the best of our knowledge, by choice the student is still conducting their project of President Trump.

The Moscatos disagree with the superintendent's statement and brought the issue before the school board Wednesday.

“I’m incensed that my story was said to be inaccurate by you,” Arthur Moscato told the board. “My story is not inaccurate.” He claims he is still waiting for further response.

The school board has said they will look into the matter.

For more details check out News12 Long Island.

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