Shocking Outtakes From Al Sharpton's Romance Tips Video Uncovered


MRCTV has uncovered outtakes from this Al Sharpton's romance tips video. Here is the original video which you should watch first to understand the outtakes which are embedded later in this post:

In the outtakes Al Sharpton touches on some of the more controversial moments from his past.

Many of the outtakes even seem to play on some of his nastiest comments. Including the time he called Socrates a homo and several anti-Semitic remarks he made during the Crown Heights' riots. He even makes reference to his organizations tax problems! Shocking!

Sharpton also performs a stirring rendition of 'When A Man Loves A Woman'.

We hope these tips from Reverend Al ensure your special lady does not resist you much & there is plenty of blueberry pie in your future!

(Yes, this is a parody. No, that isn't really Al Sharpton's voice or mouth despite the fact that these quotes are based on things Sharpton has done or said)

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