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The Selective, Situational Ethics and Morality of the Progressive Socialist Left


Last week I had the utter pleasure of diving in Cayman Islands with former Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who had suffered amputations and spinal cord injuries. I made a promise to myself, which I kept, to not turn on the TV while I was there, nor did I turn on a computer. However, I could not help but see the news updates off my iPhone. Of course, upon returning to the States this weekend I was inundated with all the hysteria over the “separations” of, what I have read, between 1800-2300 illegal immigrant children. This has all been rectified but one would tend to believe that we were facing an Armageddon type situation…you know, like the GOP tax cuts.

I came home to learn that I was now a Nazi because I had voted for President Trump. It seems that since I believe in our rule of law, and its enforcement, I am somehow castigated as evil. I read where the DHS Secretary and the White House Press Secretary were interrupted or refused service for dinner. All of this has me asking, who blew the dog whistle for the leftists and got them all barking at the same time? If there is one thing I can admire about the progressive, socialist left in America, they can all follow the same script…to the “tee”. But, what I do not respect about the left in America, aka the Democrats, is their selective, situational ethics and morality that serves only one purpose, their ideological agenda.

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