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'Salt Bae' Miami Restaurant Protested by Venezuelans for Maduro Dinner


Well that didn’t take very long.

It seems as though some protesters actually know why they’re protesting. Protesting because it’s trendy isn’t protesting, it’s vanity. However, protesting a Socialist dictator who starves his people while he enjoys lavish dinners isn’t vanity, it’s worthwhile.

A crowd of what’s being reported “as about 100 people” joined together in protest of Nusret Gokce, more famously known as the weird seasoning-flinging chef “Salt Bae.” Gokce has received a lot of attention in the last week for posting pictures and video — both of which have since been deleted — of a dinner he hosted for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The two could be seen laughing together and hugging after Maduro and his wife enjoyed a lamb chop dinner and cigars at Gokce’s restaurant in Turkey.

Miami was a fitting place for the protest, since a large population of people who fled Socialist Venezuela and Communist Cuba inhabit the city. Some of the protesters spoke to the Miami Herald to voice their displeasure of such a careless display put on by Maduro and Gokce.

“The least we can do for the people of Venezuela is stand here and protest the restaurateur that fed an extravagant meal to Maduro while Venezuela starves,” said former Venezuelan lawyer Sabina Contreras. “We need to send a message. You may be able to keep doing what you want, but you’re going to hear from us.”

Here’s video of the protest:


The dinner drew such attention, that even Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tweeted outrage by posting the Miami location’s address and phone number:

Revealing the location of the restaurant must have worked, because the protest was formed just two days after the post.

“If Maduro had come to my restaurant, I would have closed the restaurant for the day,” Ana Alcantara said, according to the Herald. “We know what kind of person he is now. He has no heart, no decency.”

Maduro seems to have no shame in his game as this wasn’t the first time he outraged Venezuelans by eating a meal. Maduro was caught on live Venezuelan TV scarfing down an empanada while delivering a speech back in November 2017.

Socialism sucks, and Maduro is proof of why.

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