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Report: Shots Fired Into Empty GOP Office In Volusia County, Florida


“At least four shots” were reportedly fired into a GOP office in South Daytona’s Volusia County Monday, though police are still lacking on many of the details – including who shot up the building. 

According to local reports, the bullets broke through the building’s front window and embedded themselves into the drywall. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Local police said a volunteer reported the incident, though no one knows exactly when the shooting occurred. No eyewitnesses have been identified, though the police are currently trying to track down local surveillance footage from other nearby businesses to figure out what happened.

The Volusia County Republican Party Chairman Tony Ledbetter said no one was in the building when the shooting happened, but that a worker showed up late Monday morning to find the front windows busted out. No one realized it was because of a shooting, he said, until they found the bullet holes in the wall.

"Some sick person decided they wanted to express their anger, and they took it out with violence," Ledbetter told WFTV.

The shooting came just days after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said his California office was vandalized by two men last week, who reportedly “threw a boulder” through his window.

(Cover Photo: Mike Springer, Twitter)

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