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In this week's Wacky Moments of Leftist Extremism:

It turns out the news media can’t even report bad news without making it worse. Multiple outlets pushed a false statistic that U.S. GDP fell 32.9 percent in the second quarter. Fact: It fell 9.5 percent. Not 32.9 percent. ‘Facts First’ CNN couldn’t get that fact right.

Perhaps CNN and MSNBC were too upset to focus on facts. MSNBC especially lost it after Ranking Republican House Judiciary Committee member Jim Jordan began Tuesday’s hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr by playing a video montage of the media lying about violent far-left protests across the country.

MSNBC was really very sad about the whole hearing. Congresswoman Madeleine Dean had her sad face on as she spewed the usual DNC talking points about Barr’s testimony. Stephanie Ruhle flat out admitted that she agreed with every wild Democrat assertion and wanted Barr to pay for it.

When powerful Democrats have something they want known, leftist hosts and reporters trip over themselves to deliver. CBS and NBC each touted their “exclusive” clips of the new Michelle Obama podcast. That multiple networks seemed to have these “exclusives” didn’t seem to bother anyone. Maybe these journalists don’t understand what the word exclusive means. 

To see the clips from these stories and more watch the video above. For a detailed look at leftist media madness check out NewsBusters.

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