President Obama Shows Off Terrible Acting Skills in 'House of Cards' Impression


One thing that is very clear from this week's White House video is that President Obama should leave acting to the professionals.

Obama loves the Netflix original series "House of Cards," and in this week's White House "West Wing Week" video, he looks at the camera and imitates Kevin Spacey's Emmy-award-winning Frank Underwood character (if Spacey was totally unbelievable and spoke with a bad Southern accent.)

"Hello everybody, this is not Frank Underwood, this is Barack Obama," he says. "Happy April Fool's Day. Frank learned it from me."

Obama is a not-so-secret admirer of the show, and its unscrupulous protagonist Frank Underwood. Obama's even told reporters in the past, “I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient. It’s true. It’s like Kevin Spacey, man this guy’s getting a lot of stuff done.”

Watch the video (from the 4 minute mark:)


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