Podesta Discussed Scalia Replacement Hours After His Death


A leaked email shows Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta discussed a replacement for the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia just hours after Scalia’s death.

An email released by WikiLeaks shows, on Feb. 13, Open Society Foundations President Christopher Stone sent an email to Podesta titled: “Scalia replacement.”

In the email, Stone asked, “Remember our discussion of Wallace Jefferson, Chief Justice in Texas?” indicating the two had previously discussed Jefferson as a potential U.S. Supreme Court pick.

Podesta replied, “Yup.”

Jefferson served as a chief justice on the Supreme Court of Texas from 2004 until 2014. He was the first African American chief justice on the Texas Supreme Court. He is also a supporter of the Republican Party.

Podesta also received an email from Huffington Post and Hill columnist Brent Budowsky suggesting Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) for the U.S. Supreme Court. Budowsky said Reed is “Nearly perfect liberal, pro-choice.”

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