Owner Wants Blood After Man Released Rat in His Restaraunt


On Valentines Day in Sunderland England, Christopher Baker was eating alone. When he was finished, he released a rat in the restaurant to try to get out of  paying for his (£7.25) meal. 

Mr. Baker produced the rat from his pocket and exclaimed, "It's a rat. I'm not eating here, I want my money back." 

It appears he actually reached in his pocked and pulled out some money, then decided to better use plan B. He is pictured on the left bottom corner here, after release, watching it scurry off. 

When pest control got a hold of the rodent, they determined it was a pet because it recently "had a hair cut."

In court, it was said that Baker claimed as he ate that the rat bit him on the finger. Speaking of finger, the Wendy's finger in chili fiasco cost the restaurant millions in sales. The rat releaser told police he had purchased the rat as a gift for his daughter and had been doing a lot of drinking that day. 

The confirmed rat wrangler admitted to fraud by false representation and had to pay for his meal and another £60 in compensation. 

The restaurant owner said Backer has caused nothing but grief - and deserves a much stiffer punishment: "death."

The Daily Mail quotes the owner:

"He is just the scum of the earth. He could have destroyed the reputation I have built up over seven years.

I was devastated. I thought 'that's it my business is gone'. I didn't sleep that night. 

People like him deserve the death penalty."

'I find it unbelievable that someone could be willing to go to those lengths for a free meal.'

H/T Daily Mail


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