New Game Teaches Little Kids About Climate Change Before It 'Threatens Their Existing Opinion'


Radical climate change activists in Australia are building a video game to teach young children about climate change, intentionally targeting younger kids before they become old enough to form their own opinions.

Think I’m making that up? I wish. Here’s the stunningly shameless admission right here from the left-leaning blog site The Conversation, detailing a new interactive kids game about climate change currently being developed by Australian National University.

In most countries, the topic of climate change is usually introduced at around the age of 16. Unfortunately, students at this age have largely made up their minds about climate change. Any efforts to teach them about the science may cement those opinions (both for and against) – particularly if it threatens their existing opinion.

The solution, game developers argue, is to convince kids that manmade climate change is real long before they’re able to actually think for themselves.

At the age of around 12, children undergo a rapid developmental change that, over the next 12 years, will take them fully into adulthood.

This change preempts some exciting intellectual developments. It prepares the child for some of the challenges of adulthood - such as building social networks, finding work or becoming financially responsible. It also allows them to start processing complex issues like nuclear energy or social justice.

So around age 12, children’s worldview is still open to change and they can take on board new information in a way that their older selves may not.

Sufficiently creeped out yet? It gets even creepier.

Teaching climate change in this way - as a specific, pure science - may diminish the influence of misinformation they’ll likely encounter at a later age, simply because they’ll understand it better.

Because we don’t want the little humans to grow up thinking they can formulate their own opinions based on empirical data – much of which refutes the notion of cataclysmic global warming caused by mankind.

Nope. Much better to brainwash them into accepting the leftist agenda while they’re still little. Screw you, parents.

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