Nancy Pelosi Slams Higher Employment Reports, Blames GOP For Rising Health Insurance Costs


Leave it to Nancy Pelosi to ensure no good deed goes unpunished: and this time, she’s taking aim at rising employment rates.

And get this – she’s using rising health coverage costs to do it.

“May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch,” Pelosi said in a statement accompanying Thursday’s job report, which showed black unemployment at new record lows and overall unemployment falling to an 18-year low of 3.8 percent.

“Republicans’ cruel, cynical health care sabotage campaign is already spiking families’ premiums by double digits and pushing millions off their coverage, according to the nonpartisan CBO,” Pelosi continued.

In case you’re wondering if you read that right, yes – a Democrat who supported the Disaster Better Known As Obamacare is blaming Republicans for causing people’s health insurance premiums to rise. It seems no one's taken Nancy aside and explained that having a job helps people a) pay for things and b) sign up for employer-provided health insurance plans, which they likely wouldn't have at all without a job. Nor has anyone reminded her that she and her ilk were the ones who jacked up everyone's insurance premiums in the first place.

That doesn’t mean Republicans are entirely off the health care hook. As we’ve explained here at MRCTV before, yanking the individual mandate rug out from under the Obamacare bookcase is a fine way to topple the whole thing over – straight on top of your average Joe whose insurance premiums are already sky-high thanks to this nightmare law.

But using health insurance prices to slam job numbers is really rich coming from one of the leading Democrats who supported the whole Obamacare slip n’ slide in the first place. Health insurance prices skyrocketed by triple digits in many states in the years immediately following Obamacare’s passage. At the point of the government gun, insurance companies struggled to offset the cost of covering a slew of new government-mandated medications and procedures, even as millions of sick Americans flooded the insurance marketplace. Many Americans reported struggling to choose between their electric bills and their new government-required health insurance plan, as others said coverage plans they’d had for decades became unaffordable overnight.

Funny how Nancy never found time to complain about it -- that is, until black people started getting jobs.

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