Mob Rule: House Torched & Police Attacked– Blamed On Social Media Misinformation


Officers injured, shots fired, and a house torched by a mob were all reportedly sparked by anti-police animosity and misinformation on social media.



WISN- TV reports that Milwaukee police have released a timeline of events that led to members of the community setting a home on fire.

Police say they were searching for two missing teenage girls and that officers were called Monday to an address to check for the missing girls.

'The officers searched the residence multiple times; however, the teenagers were not located at the location,' police said in a release.

At 10 a.m. Tuesday, officers said they responded to a 'trouble with subject' call at the same location.

Police said people tried to break into a home to conduct their own search for the missing girls.

Officers said they searched the home again and did not find the teens.

About an hour later, officers responded again after a report of shots fired in the area.

'Upon arrival, officers discovered that shots were exchanged between the residents of the home and the group of individuals who were attempting to enter the residence,' police said in their release.


The insanity was just beginning, as the mob turned on the police officers by throwing bricks and hunks of concrete. Two officers were reportedly injured.

Investigators said before more officers could arrive at the scene, members of the crowd set a couch, a van and the home on fire.

Firefighters had to wait for officers to escort them to the scene before they could begin putting the fire out.

The home burned out of control for more than 20 minutes.

Things actually got worse from there. Shots were fired in the crowd, three people were injured. Multiple other injuries were reported during the incident.

After that, the mob returned and lit the house on fire – again.

Police say the girls, who were later found, were never at the address. The girl’s families blame social media misinformation for the incidents that occurred at the address.

Pat Bills, told WISN-TV that his grandmother lived there.

'She's a loving lady. She had three strokes. She's fighting for the last little life she got left. I'm surprised this here didn't set her off,' he said. 'After they get the right information, for them to come back and still burn down the house, terrorism stuff, that's wrong. And then, y'all gonna use that to make a move and talk about some empowerment? Y'all are being empowering? You're not empowering at all. Y'all are terrorists.'


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