Cohen's Attorney Launches GoFundMe to Cover Client's Legal Fees


Oh, people in high positions in trouble with the law. No matter how privately wealthy they are, they always seem to need more money.

Lanny Davis, the attorney for former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, started a GoFundMe drive for his client in order to cover Cohen’s legal fees. The “Michael Cohen Truth Fund,” which has an astonishing goal of $500,000, has reached a little over $53,000 in 14 hours, as of this writing.

“The Michael Cohen Truth Fund is a transparent trust account, with all donations going to help Michael Cohen and his family as he goes forward on his journey to tell the truth about Donald Trump,” the GoFundMe page read.

Cohen’s GoFundMe page doesn’t provide very many details. But, it does espouse Cohen’s alleged desire for “legal responsibility,” “his commitment to tell the truth” and how he “put his family and his country first.”

“On August 21, Michael Cohen made the decision to take legal responsibility and to continue his commitment to tell the truth,” Cohen’s GoFundMe page read. “Michael decided to put his family and his country first.  Now Michael needs your financial help -- to pay his legal fees.”

According to the Daily Caller:

Cohen, a millionaire, pleaded guilty Tuesday to eight counts of bank fraud, tax evasion and campaign finance violation. The campaign finance charges stem from Cohen’s payments to two women who claimed they had affairs with President Donald Trump. Cohen said during his arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom that he acted at the direction of Trump.

Cohen is also accused of failing to report $4 million in income he received from 2012 to 2016 for his family’s taxi medallion business. By not reporting the income, Cohen avoided paying $1.4 million in taxes he owed to the IRS.

Cohen's GoFundMe page is somewhat similar to that of former FBI agent Peter Strzok's GoFundMe page, which asked to cover Strzok's legal fees and lost wages. Strzok's GoFundMe goal was also set at $500,000, and has raised more than $442,000 in just nine days.

I guess disposable income has increased in the U.S.

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