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Media Menu Serves Up Bitter Bias On Kim/Trump Summit



Back in 1994 when N. Korea and U.S. negotiators gathered in Geneva to sign an agreement to freeze and dismantle a nuclear program, the liberal media were quite pleased.


Of course Bill Clinton was president then. Now in 2018, a face-to-face summit with the leaders of U.S. and N. Korea is met with disdain from the liberal media.

MSNBC informed us that just because a summit between the two leaders has never happened before, it “doesn’t mean it’s historic.”

CNN told us that “any previous president” could’ve had the summit with N. Korea. I guess the previous presidents were far too busy for it.

CNN also took the time to pick apart the lunch menu and explained to all how the release of the list of foodstuffs was an act that bestowed legitimacy upon N. Korea.

It’s amazing that how discussing how a lunch menu release can legitimize Kim Jong–un actually works to de-legitimize CNN as a news operation, isn’t it? 

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