Maxine Waters and the Left's Anti-Civility Tour


Leave it to the radical Left - yes, I'm talking about you too, Maxine Waters - to make being civil toward your fellow man a personality fault. By now you've all heard about Waters statement that the Resistance - which might as well replace the "liberal" label - should deny anyone associated with the Trump administration their basic human right to live their lives as they see fit. She wants anyone that doesn't wholeheartedly agree with her to suffer, because they simply aren't "woke" enough.

After seeing multiple Trump administration officials, GOP members and regular people meet resistance from the radical Left, it's time that we examine what it means to have poise, civility, morals and values, because the Left clearly has no interest in those decent human traits as long as the ends justify the means.

Check out my latest video where I take Waters and the rest of the Leftist mob to the verbal woodshed for their anti-humanity stance, while they espouse that they're somehow tolerant and compassionate (i.e. the illegal immigration issue).

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Source(s): Real Clear Politics, National Review, MRCTV

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