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Man Throws Milk at NYPD Officer During an Emergency Fire Call


Cops in New York have had to endure losers dousing them with buckets of water over the summer and now video has surfaced of someone worsening the trend by throwing a half gallon of milk at an officer providing help during an emergency fire call.

“Ha! They got milked on!” a person can be heard yelling in a cellphone video of the incident, provided by the New York Post.

The video shows what appears to be someone agitated with an officer, saying, “He don’t know.” Immediately after this, someone is heard saying, “Go ahead, go ahead,” prompting the thrower of the half gallon of milk to release the bottle toward the cop. 

The officer was able to duck his head with the bottle just missing him but the milk bottle hit the ground and still splattered on his uniform. 

As the New York Post reports:

The Police Benevolent Association blamed city leaders for the brazen acts — saying they have created a 'cop-hating' environment Thursday.

'It is becoming impossible for police officers to do our job, even in emergency situations,' PBA president Patrick J. Lynch said in a statement.

'At a fire scene, our role is to clear the area so that firefighters can contain the fire and prevent loss of life. This crowd didn’t care: They wanted to fight the cops who were there to help.'

The crowd of residents and bystanders cheering on the milk throwing were reportedly angered because officers were trying to control the emergency scene and had to evacuate them from their building where firefighters were battling a two-alarm fire. 

Officers did chase the milk throwing man but he was able to evade them. In a Twitter post the NYPD says the man is “wanted for assault.”

The Post also reports on the incident:

Four residents were injured in the fire, according to officials. Seventeen families were displaced and several people were arrested while voicing their outrage, cops said.

One woman attacked an officer and ripped off his body camera, resulting in charges. Two others were taken in for disorderly conduct. Nobody was seriously hurt.

'Thankfully everybody made it out this time,” Lynch said, “but our city leaders need to wake up. If they keep encouraging cop-hatred and interference with our duties, lives will be lost because we were prevented from doing our job.'

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