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LTC West: Major Contributor to Today's Rancor Is Emergence of 24/7 News Cycle


We cannot shed tears and act shocked over what happened in Pittsburgh when we allow open and blatant anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel to proliferate. At some point we must make the adult, and correct, decision that there is a definitive delineation between freedom of speech and expression…and hate speech. And this decision cannot be made based upon ideological agendas or political party affiliation. 

Let me say what needs to be said: we have gone far too long allowing someone like a Louis Farrakhan free reign to spew his hatred. Far too many elected officials have given him homage and a platform and have not been held accountable. We have allowed the cancer of anti-Semitism to take root on our college and university campuses, to the point where Jewish students are threatened. Anti-Semitism can take on a lethal form, such as in Pittsburgh, or a non-violent, but still lethal form in the way of actions, protests, and discrimination, all rooted in falsehoods, lies, and distortions – all of which sadly are conveyed in our media outlets.

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