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LTC Allen West: Dems ‘Abject Hatred’ Showed At SOTU



MRC Senior Fellow, Retired LTC Allen West says the Democratic Party revealed their “abject hatred” towards President Donald Trump, as well as the United States, during the State of the Union Address.

“I’ll give you a case in point, when you heard the president talk about the incredibly historical low for Black unemployment, but yet the Congressional Black Caucus members did not stand - did not show any reactions,” West said Wednesday.

“In matter of fact, the camera showed most of them standing there with their arms across their chest, the facial expressions said everything.”

“Those are the things that every single person in that chamber should have been standing for or clapping for, applauding. The success of the American people should be the things that every single representative should want to see. I don’t think we saw that with the Democrats last night.”

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