Black Woman Accuses White Cop of Racism, But Body Cam Footage Shows Differently


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times — the biggest racists are the ones who always cry racism.

South Carolina resident Dawn Hilton-Williams said she was leaving Virginia after watching her daughter participate in a tennis tournament. Then Hilton-Williams got pulled over for speeding — and it was almost as if she was auditioning for a movie. Because after her interaction with a Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office deputy, she decided to go on Facebook and flat-out lie about the exchange.

Here’s the video of Hilton-Williams lies:

What Hilton-Williams didn’t expect was for the sheriff’s office to release the body cam footage of the traffic stop.

Now, here’s the recently released body cam footage. Judge for yourself:

Does Hilton-Williams’ description of the traffic stop match what we saw actually happened, at all? If you said no, you’d be absolutely correct.

As soon as I heard Hilton-Williams say that she used to be a protester, I knew that there was something we weren’t being told. People like Hilton-Williams conveniently like to leave out or change aspects of reality as long as it allows them to feed their own narrative.

The possible ramification of Hilton-Williams’ actions could have been wide-ranging if there were any truth to her story.

“This video here, there are things I could go over and critique the officer on, it's not racial things, it's not hate things. Certainly some etiquette or verbal judo that could be fixed and improved upon,” Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts told CBS 6 - Richmond. “What's ultimately going to be accomplished, it's not going to make the ticket go away, it's not going to solve anything. It’s only causing more problems.”

Things like this could cause a backlash against police, perpetuate the negative stigma that comes along with being accused of racism and possibly even ruin that deputy’s livelihood. And for what? So that someone like Hilton-Williams can race hustle her own animus toward white people?

Hilton-Williams put a lot of disgustingly false accusations into the air with her video. Despite Hilton-Williams telling CBS 6 that “she plans to file” a complaint, hopefully there will be charges placed against Hilton-Williams herself so that she knows that certain actions have certain consequences.

If there was such a thing as racism in this situation, Hilton-Williams is definitely guilty of it.

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