LIE: AOC Claims Virginia 2A Supporters Were 'Carrying Confederate Flags' At Monday's Pro-Gun Rally


Lies, lies, and more lies. At this point, it's either an embarrassing lack of awareness...or an intentional ploy.

I'll leave it to you to guess which.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, apparently without having watched any of the coverage of Monday's rally in Virginia in support of gun rights, accused Second Amendment supporters of "carrying Confederate flags" to the entirely peaceful demonstration in Richmond.

"When we go out and march for the dignity and the recognition of the lives of people like Freddie Gray and Eric Garner, the whole place is surrounded by police in riot gear, without a gun in sight. And here are all of these people flying Confederate flags with semi-automatic weapons, and there's almost no police officers at that protest," AOC told journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates during an MLK event Monday.

"So who or what are our institutions protecting from whom?" she added.

There's just one problem: she's wrong, as usual.

Not only were there countless black Americans carrying firearms and demonstrating their support for the Second Amendment during the rally in Virginia (whom AOC and her media buddies are hellbent on continually ignoring), and there were plenty of police, there were few, if any, Confederate flags being flown anywhere during the protest, which tens of thousands attended. 

In fact, I have yet to see one single Confederate flag in any of the footage from the event, and MRCTV had a team on the ground.

But despite the total lack of Rebel gear, we did see plenty of this:

It's also worth noting that unlike protests led by Black Lives Matter, there was not a single store looted, officer assaulted, building set on fire, car bombed, or flag burned during the Virginia demonstration, after which protesters calmly and collectively picked up their own trash (looking at you, Women's March). 

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