L.A. Mayor Garcetti Blames Excessive Street Trash & Rodents on Businesses, Ignores Homeless Problem


The far-left employs the tactic of deflection every time something negative comes to light about one of their “utopias.” Cities in California, like San Francisco and Los Angeles, are perfect examples of what happens when government is in charge of pretty much everything. Excessive garbage, hypodermic needles, rodents and literal crap line the streets of these once-beautiful cities. So, it comes as no surprise that L.A.’s top man deflects blame from the ever-growing homeless problem in the city in favor of blaming businesses for the rise in refuse.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti stood on a podium of a pristine street — which ironically was part of a NBC 4 - Los Angeles investigative story of street garbage — backed by a city sanitation truck to proclaim that the problem with his city’s garbage and rodent problems are a result of businesses who don’t want to pay L.A.’s exorbitant disposal fees.

“We will not tolerate businesses that use our public streets, our spaces, our alleyways, as their private dumping ground,” Garcetti said recently.

NBC 4 - Los Angeles’ I-Team (Investigative Team) reported the following contradictions to Garcetti’s claim:

But some politicians and downtown residents say the Mayor is avoiding the real issue: the hundreds of homeless encampments across LA that generate most of the trashy piles that are breeding grounds for disease-carrying rodents. On Tuesday, a survey released by officials showed a 16% increase in the city's homeless population.

Garcetti was clearly concerned about the bad press his city received from its own news outlets, so much so that he ordered the clean up of the particular street in question that NBC 4’s I-Team highlighted in a May expose on the issue.

The I-Team reported in May that upon calling L.A.’s services hotline, they were told that “it could take up to 90 days before it’s [garbage and waste] cleaned up.”

Did Garcetti instead blame businesses for the excessive waste on the streets because he didn’t want to admit that the city he’s in charge of has a homeless problem? Or is Garcetti so far-left that his own political correctness prevents him from acknowledging the rising homeless problem?

We may have received a clue into Garcetti’s reasoning for blaming businesses — he doesn’t want to talk about it.

“But some politicians and city workers tell the I-Team a big part of the problem are the thousands of homeless people who live on the streets,” NBC L.A.’s Joel Grover said in a recent report on the topic. “It’s something they say the mayor doesn’t want to talk about.”

Even more proof was that the first thing the I-Team showed in their report was a homeless person dumping their garbage directly on a street.

For NBC 4 - Los Angeles’ I-Team report, watch below:


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