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Gillibrand Compares Pro-life Judges To Racist Or Anti-Semitic Judges In Court


Speaking to the Des Moines Editorial Board Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) delved into the possibility of packing the courts to help balance out what she considered judges far outside the mainstream, as well as term limits.

She told the board that abortion is a right and suggested that any judges she would nominate would take a pledge that they would never overturn the judicial precedent set by Roe v. Wade. 

"I think there's some issues that have such moral clarity that we have as a society have decided that the other side is not acceptable," Gillibrand said. "Imagine saying that it's okay to appoint a judge who is racist, or anti-Semitic, or homophobic. Asking someone to appoint someone who takes away basic human rights of any group of people in America I think that we have — I don't think that those are political issues anymore."

Gillibrand later added, "I believe that for all of these issues, they are not issues that there is a fair other side. There's no moral equivalency when you come to racism. And I do not believe there is a moral equivalency when it comes to changing laws that deny women reproductive freedom."

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