Cartoons Banned for ‘Content Glorifying Homosexual Behavior’ - In Kenya


The African nation of Kenya’s film and classification board (KFCB) has called for the suspension of several US-produced children’s programs running on channels provided by TV company MultiChoice. 

The board said the cartoons featured “disturbing content glorifying homosexual behavior” and are not suitable for children.

“Adults can choose to become homosexuals and exercise their rights on sexual orientation and relationships, but not so with children,” Ezekiel Mutua, the chief executive officer of the KFCB, said in a statement. The KFCB board said it asked Multichoice to discontinue the broadcasting, distribution or exhibition of these programs because they were inconsistent with age suitability ratings for films, as well as violating Kenyan laws regarding the institution of a family.

The programs affected are “The Loud House,” “The Legend of Korra,” and “Hey Arnold,” which run on the Nickelodeon channel, and “Clarence,” “Steven Universe,” and “Adventure Time,” which air on Cartoon Network. 

Last year, Multichoice was forced to pull trans gender star Caitlyn Jenner’s reality show from its local E! channel in Nigeria, and also dropped “I am Jazz”, the story of a transgender child scheduled to show on The Learning Channel.

In recent years Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network children shows have featured queer characters, gay parents, and explored being in the closet.

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