Italy: Migrant Given Italian Citizenship Sets Fire to Bus Filled with School Children to Protest Migrant Deaths


Are people listening now? I understand the answer is most likely a “no,” but you can still be someone who ascribes to the “America first” mentality and pay attention to what’s going on overseas. Especially in Europe, the kind of globalism and socialism that American far-leftists want to bring to this country is already happening over there.

Case in point is an incident that seems to be a direct result of treating your borders like a sieve.

A 47-year-old Italian citizen, who is also a native of Senegal, was arrested on Wednesday for setting a bus containing “a total of 51 children" on fire, according to Breitbart. None of the children suffered any serious injuries as the authorities were on the scene quickly after one of the children called police while the maniac poured gasoline inside the bus.

According to Reuters:

A video posted on Italian news sites showed the driver ramming the bus into cars on a provincial highway before the fire took hold. Children can be seen running away from the vehicle screaming and shouting “escape”.

One of the children told reporters that the driver had threatened to pour petrol [gasoline] over them and set them alight. One of group managed to call the police, who rushed to the scene and broke the bus windows to get everyone to safety.

“He handcuffed us and threatened us,” one of the student’s said. “He said that if we moved, he would pour gasoline and light the fire. He kept saying that people in Africa die and the fault is Di Maio’s and Salvini’s. Then the carabinieri [police] saved us.”

The man was reportedly carrying out this attack as a form of protest over migrant deaths at sea, which is stupid considering he targeted children like they were at fault. Maybe blame the NGOs who traffic migrants between Africa and Europe and then instruct them on how to lie to European governments in order to procure asylum. Maybe blame European governments (Germany & France) and European Union (EU) politicians that allowed lawlessness in their countries through open borders, which saw millions of people migrate into Europe.

Instead this pile of garbage thought it would be a good idea to set a bus full of children, who had absolutely nothing to do with his complaint, on fire.

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