Here Ya Go, Joe: Top 5 Obama Lies and Scandals


5. He Promised to Bring American Troops Home

When Obama took office, a focal point of his foreign policy promise was that he’d bring American troops home and end conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He nearly fulfilled this promise in 2011, bringing combat troops back to the U.S. from Iraq. 

Sadly for his administration, it was a promise he would be unable to keep. 

In 2014, after leaving a power vacuum which led to the rise of ISIS and the establishment of their radical caliphate, Obama sent troops back to the country he had, just three years prior, brought American soldiers home from.

Despite his promises to be a peace-bringer, Obama’s inept foreign policy decisions arguably made the Syrian conflict possible, weakened our standing in Afghanistan while still maintaining 5,500 troops there, and overthrew a stable government willing to conform to U.S. demands in Libya.

By the end of his tenure, the U.S. found itself in the midst of three convoluted conflicts instead of the two it started in, and Libya had become a failed state due to our actions.

Truly, the 44th President was a bringer of peace.



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