Here Ya Go, Joe: Top 5 Obama Lies and Scandals


4. Benghazi…Everything Benghazi 

This one is pretty straightforward, but to summarize things for those who have let the scandal fade from their memories:

On September 11, 2012, Islamists launched a terror attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in the death of Ambassador Chris Stephens and State Department computer expert Sean Smith. After evacuating the mission and falling back to a CIA annex, the U.S. group was fired upon by mortars, resulting in Agents Wood and Doherty being killed attempting to return fire. 

Despite the coordinated effort of the assault, the White House initially claimed it was merely a spontaneous mob attack, blaming the gathering of the initial mob on an offensive video, which proved to not be the case.

Information then began making its way to the public that the Benghazi consulate had made repeated requests for increased security prior to the attack, which had been denied.

With this information, the Benghazi scandal became one of malfeasance and coverups rather than a traditional scandal of initially ill-intended actions.



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