*Graphic Video* Baltimore Officers Not Charged In Shooting of Knife Suspect


The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office will not file any criminal charges against officers involved in the shooting of a knife-wielding man last November.

According to WBFF, a 23-page report released by the States Attorney’s office found no legal wrongdoing.

The report, released late last week, says " Considering that the suspect had refused to surrender his weapons even though a taser and a gun had been discharged at him in an effort to subdue him; that the suspect was advancing toward the officers, refusing to obey their commands, and finally taking a step toward the closest officer; it was objectively reasonable for the officers to conclude that their safety and the community’s safety was at risk, leading them to make a decision to discharge their weapons, striking the suspect. Given the circumstances and the need to protect both the community and the officers, the force used by the officer did not rise to a level of criminal culpability. Therefore, the State declines to prosecute the officer."

The Baltimore City Police Department released the graphic body camera footage of the shooting days after it happened.

The incident occurred Nov. 25 2016, when officers were called to a shopping location for a man armed with knives.




The suspect was threatening shoppers and others who were in the vicinity, according to police.

The suspect was shot twice after he refused police's verbal commands several times. His injuries were not life threatening, police said.

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