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‘Global Warming’ Gore Claims More Than 99% of Scientists Agree With Him


Al Gore claims over 99% of scientists agree with him on global warming...err climate change.

During an appearance on CNN’s Newsroom last Friday Al “Global Warming” Gore was asked about climate skeptics in government. Gore replied that he doesn’t think that there are any.

“It’s beyond consensus of 99 percent of the scientists,” Gore said about his position on climate change. 

Of course Gore has a long track record of claiming scientists agree with his vision of the global warming apocolypse that he always insists will surely arrive in the next few years.

Gore has claimed that the entire north polar ice cap would be gone in the summer months by about 2016.

Of course, there was also Gore’s prediction that the north polar ice cap would be completely ice free in 2013. But if you miss one prediction, just make another I guess.

His predictions persist despite scientific data disproving them, but the media let him continue to run hot on the issue. Eventually Gore may spew just enough hot air to melt a polar ice cap (NOTE: I give no year on that prediction).

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