'A Historic Step': Catholic Priest Gushes Over Biden's Transgender Pick For Ass. Sec. of Health


On January 19, Joe Biden nominated transgender woman Rachel Levine, currently Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, for Assistant Secretary of Health. And while everybody knows that the Roman Catholic Church condemns the LGBTQ agenda, naturally, Fr. James Martin of the Society of Jesus is eager to show what a progressive Catholic he is.

Martin, a Jesuit priest, is a New York Times best-selling author, editor-at-large for the Jesuit Magazine America, and has made many appearances in news media outlets as a commentator on religious matters. But despite being a Catholic priest, Fr. Martin publicly supports incoming United States president Joe Biden, who holds many political beliefs that run directly opposed to Catholic doctrine (his pro-abortion views, for example).

However, that didn't stop Fr. Martin from gushing over Biden and his actions, including giving a ringing endorsement of Biden’s nomination of a transgender woman for Assistant Secretary of Health.


Sure -- because it’s dignified to physically alter one’s body in order to "switch" genders, despite one's biological reality.

Fr. Martin also criticized President Donald Trump’s administration on MSNBC in 2018 for their treatment of illegal immigrants, saying that they were “ripping children from their parents." It is a funny statement for the priest to make, since he supports a candidate who advocates ripping children limb-from-limb in the womb. 

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