Rancher Expresses Disappointment In Biden Halting Border Wall Construction


"The wall works" - that's the message some ranchers near the border have for Joe Biden.

Fox News’s Lawrence Jones spoke to a fourth generation New Mexico rancher earlier this week for the Hannity program. The rancher explained how excited he and his community were for the construction of the border wall that began in April of last year. 

Jones then asked the rancher, “What was it, you feel, that got them to this position where they said we didn’t need the wall anymore? Did you guys complain about it? Did other locals complain about it? The rancher responded, “Absolutely not, everybody in our area is in favor of this wall because they have seen where it has worked and that it does work.”

Jones then clarified the ranchers response asking, “The wall works?” to which he received this response,

“The wall works. This is all a politically driven agenda. And this is what’s frustrating to me, is the Biden Administration, they're stopping the wall, in my opinion, to try to hurt Trump’s legacy of securing the border when in reality all it is doing is hurting the American people.”

Following the interview, Jones then went on to explain that he spoke to border patrol and while the wall construction is currently suspended, they plan on adding more technology and increased foot patrol. 

The segment ended with Jones holding up a pair of ‘footsies’, home-made footwear used by illegal immigrants to cover their tracks as they cross the border. The rancher claims to have found the footwear on his property recently. 

On Tuesday, 51 Republicans sent a letter to the Biden Administration warning of the "rising illegal migration crisis". The letter contains reports from sources on the ground claiming Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have seen the average flow of migrants increase to more than 3,500 a day, up from 2,000 last month.

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