Five of the DUMBEST Things Maxine Waters Has Ever Said

Five of the DUMBEST Things Maxine Waters Has Said

When it come to dumbest things a politician has ever said, this one’s a hard one to put together – firstly, because she’s been around since Noah pounded the first nail into the ark.

And secondly, because her 30-plus-year career is so full of ridiculous foot-in-mouth moments, it’s nearly impossible to narrow the list down. In that vein, we’ll go with a few of the more recent.

Without further ado, and in no particular order of insanity, here’s a list of five of the craziest things California Rep. Maxine Waters has ever uttered (well, this decade, at least):


1. When she compared Trump to 'Kim Jong-Oom’ and 'Validimore Putin'

Speaking before the California Democrats State Convention in San Diego back in February, Waters managed to botch not one, but two dictators’ names while attempting to slam Trump. We’re still not sure who “Validimore” is, but Harry Potter should probably be on the lookout.

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