Fear-Factor Fauci Says America's Only 'At the Bottom of the Sixth Inning' In the COVID Fight


There’s a famous children’s story about a little troll who lived under a bridge who liked to torment billy goats. In the tale, the troll crawls out at inopportune moments as the goats are simply trying to go about their lives, gets all up in their way, and refuses to let them go peaceably about their business.

In totally non-related news that has absolutely nothing to do with little irritating trolls who get in people's way, Dr. Anthony Fauci is still going on TV and running his piehole about the COVID pandemic. The NIAID Director, who has so far given Americans conflicting information on safety precautions, COVID data and herd immunity goals, is now saying the country is only at the “bottom of the 6th inning” when it comes to fighting the virus.

This despite the fact that the COVID vaccine is now available to anyone over the age of 16 who wants one, cases are coming down across the country, states are lifting restrictions and the economy is finally starting to sputter back to life after more than a year of Fauci-induced, business-destroying shutdowns.

“What inning are we in as far as this COVID pandemic is concerned?" CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked.

“We’re at least halfway through,” Fauci responded. “And I’m not trying to be overly enthusiastic…but we’ve got to really not declare victory prematurely."

"So we’re in the late innings, but it’s not over. That’s the thing we’ve really got to get people to appreciate…Now’s not a time to declare victory,” he added.

After Blitzer pressed Fauci to give a specific "inning" he thought correlated with where we're at in the COVID battle, Fauci answered that we're "at the bottom of the 6th inning.”

While I’m still not sure Fauci knows much about pandemics, “public health” or national messaging strategies, he does seem to know quite a bit about baseball. After all, he was throwing out first pitches and sitting unmasked in the stands while ordinary Americans weren’t able to enter the stadium…or, you know, go to work and feed their families.


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