David Hogg Tweets Something Stupid... Again


This may seem shocking, but David Hogg tweeted something incredibly stupid. I know, maybe it's not all that surprising.

“These Midterms could be the last election of our lifetime. VOTE,” he tweeted.

Hogg is likely pushing the leftist narrative that President Trump is the end of democracy in America as we know it. After these midterms, he will simply rip the constitution to shreds and begin his reign as a lifetime dictator.

Anyone who actually believes this lacks knowledge of President Trump’s first term and American history as a whole.

If Trump hates the constitution as Democrats claim he does, then why does he continue to appoint constitutional originalists to the nation’s courts? He clearly wants the founding document interpreted as it was written by the Founding Fathers, something the Democrats rarely, if ever do.

But many who promote this asinine idea—such as Hogg—don’t even believe it.

Hogg may enjoy tweeting flaming hot takes, but more often than not, he’s just trying to fire up his base. Liberals know the midterms aren’t the nation’s last election, they’re simply using petty tactics to increase voter turnout in November. Typically, in American politics, the more outrage in the party, the better turnout.

But despite the public’s hatred towards Trump, recent polling has shown the Democrats midterm edge shrinking to just six points. Whether or not the Democratic Party can foster a blue wave is up for question.


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