CNN Reporter: Migrant Parents Know About Family Separation, But Say They're Willing to 'Take That Chance'


UPDATE: This story was published before President Trump signed an executive order ending the administration's family separation policy by allowing illegal alien children to be detained with their parents at the border.

The possibility of family separation isn't coming as a shock to most illegal aliens who make it across the U.S. border - at least, not according to one reporter who's been talking to them.

Reporting live from a temporary border shelter in Reynosa, Mexico just across the Texas line, CNN's Ed Lavandera confirmed Wednesday that the vast majority of illegal alien parents attempting to cross the U.S. border illegally know there's a good chance they'll be separated from their children, and have said they're willing to take that risk anyway.

"The pastor who runs the shelter tells me that he's seen a couple of people in the last few weeks who have given up, they've said that the threat of having their children separated from them was too much. But the vast majority of the people that we've talked to here today say that it is a risk and a chance that they're still willing to take. That where they come from is so much worse, that they are not willing to get this far and not have a chance to get inside the United States," Lavandera reported. 



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