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CNN Complains About the Food During Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong Un


Amid tensions surrounding President Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, the potential denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the de-escalation of a major global threat, CNN managed to hone in on the lynchpin of the whole Singapore event....

....the food.

Hard-hitting journalist Don Lemon chaired the panel discussion on the beef short rib confit debacle Monday night, as the world breathlessly awaited news of Trump and Kim’s working lunch.

“I want to bring it back to the menu for a second, not just because I’m hungry, but because typically the White House releases these kinds of details after, for example, the French president comes to the White House, or another head of state comes for a state visit. So by releasing the details of the menu this is again legitimizing Kim Jong-un and putting him on equal footing with other world leaders, which is what he wants,” CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd complained.

“One particularly interesting thing about the menu is, I was thinking as you were reading all that out, Don, the poor North Korean people…if they knew what was being dished out there, they can’t even imagine the types of food that you rolled of your tongue,” foreign policy analyst Jonathan Wachtel added.

“Right, because they just don’t…it’s a poor country because of Kim Jong-un,” Lemon agreed. 

Funny, I don’t recall Liberals & Co. waxing poetical about the impoverished state of affairs in Venezuela when President Obama was hugging Huge Chavez, or issuing warm condolences to the dictator’s family upon his death back in 2013.

Then again, maybe starving and oppressed people only matter when a Republican president is trying to denuclearize a military threat, rather than make fuzzy friendships and trade deals to firm up his legacy.

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