Chicago Weekend Shootings Up 50% From Previous Weekend: At Least 5 Dead, 28 Wounded


As much as Chicagoans have turned Mayor Lori Lightfoot into a meme following her shelter in place order, making light that the mayor is always watching, one segment of the Chicago population that Lightfoot is seemingly ignoring is criminals. In particular, criminals that like to shoot people look to be the only ones Lightfoot's not out onĀ the lookout for. It's getting worse and worse, folks.

At leastĀ five people were murdered and another 28 were wounded in weekend shootings across the Chicagoland area. This is a 50 percent increase over the previous weekend, which saw three people killed and another 19 wounded. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that four of the five of the fatal shootings occurred within hours of each other on Sunday.

Here is a list of those who died this past weekend:

Jahari Hill, 19

Unidentified male, 47

Peter Eguia, 39

Unidentified female, 20

Alexis Perez, 22

MRCTV's running total for Chicago weekend shootings in 2020 is unfortunately now up to at least 51 dead and another 266 wounded. The Chicago Tribune, who keeps track of all shootings regardless of the day of the week, is reporting that - as of April 12th - there have been 610 people shot in the city of Chicago in 2020. That's 81 more people shot than at the same point in 2019 and the most shot at the same point in the year since 2017, which had an astonishing 865 people shot.

Nobody seems to care.

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