Chelsea Clinton Demands Trump Release Photos of His Vaccination


Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton is now calling for Trump – now a private citizen, but who continues to live rent-free in Democrats’ heads – to release photos of himself getting the COVID vaccine that was rolled out under his administration in an attempt to pursued vaccine-hesitant Republicans to get The Jab.

"I still wish that they would release photographs of President Trump and Mrs. Trump being vaccinated, because I think it's the right thing to do — full stop," Clinton said on "The View" Thursday.

"It's also, I think, really important that we know white Republican men are currently the most vaccine weary, the least likely to say that they would be willing to get a COVID vaccine," she continued.

“Right now we know President Trump remains the most popular figure for that demographic, so I do think that it would make a real difference if he were to claim credit for the enormous progress that his administration did help enable through Operation Warp Speed, if you were willing to kind of be a poster child of vaccines and vaccinations, because I think that it would make a difference," Clinton added.

A new poll out from Monmouth University this week revealed more than 1 in 5 Americans still say they don’t plan to get vaccinated, including 43 percent of Republicans compared to just 5 percent of Democrats. 

But to Chelsea Clinton, a simple picture of Trump getting vaccinated posted to….whatever social media account he has left…would convince millions of people to get an injection that so far, they’ve said they don’t want, despite it being manufactured, approved and rolled out under an administration they supported. Never mind that Trump has already vocally touted the vaccines’ efficacy and repeatedly urged his supporters – and anyone else – to get their dose. Nothing will ever be good enough.



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