College Students Really Like Trump's Tax Plan (When They Think It's Bernie's)


In yet another disheartening example of youthful American ignorance, Cabot Phillips, media director for Campus Reform, interviewed students at George Washington University and found that many of them actually like and agree with President Trump’s tax plan -- but only if Bernie Sanders gets to take the credit for it.

The video showed Phillips explaining that “Bernie” would lower the small business tax rate to a maximum of 25 percent, then asking students if they thought that was a good or bad idea.

The students showed no signs of doubt. “My family has a small business, so I would definitely think that’s a positive thing,” replied one respondent.

“Taxing them less makes more sense,” said another.

By and large, students were also fans of increasing the child tax credit and eliminating the so-called "death tax" -- both parts of Trump's plan.

As expected, the students showed visible signs of embarrassment and surprise when Phillips finally revealed that President Trump was the true man behind the message.

“I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things,” said one female student.

In a sit down discussion on Fox News Channel's “Fox & Friends” program, Phillips astutely remarked on how college students often choose to decide on an idea based on the person giving it, instead of giving prudent thought to the idea itself.

I think a lot of this says [that] people, specifically college students, may not be that opposed to conservative principles, they think that they have to oppose everything from the right. That’s what they’re taught in class, that’s what they’re in the media, but when it’s just the principles themselves, just not coming from conservatives, they realize ‘Hey, this actually makes sense.’ But again, they’re being indoctrinated daily by the media, by what they’re learning in the classroom, and they think that because they’re young they have to oppose President Trump and his agenda.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Cabot.

Watch our nation's young, best, and brightest below:


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