Tom Steyer Launches $10 Million Impeachment Ad Against Trump


In a breathtaking effort of profound desperation, liberal California billionaire Tom Steyer, just forked out $10 million in a television ad campaign dedicated to impeaching President Trump.

The Donald was not amused, as he took to Twitter Friday morning, calling Steyer, “Wacky & totally unhinged.”

Starring in the ad himself, Steyer calls the President “mentally unstable,” accusing him of a treasure trove of what he considers to be “impeachable offenses,” ranging from bringing the country to the brink of nuclear war, to threatening to shut down news stations he doesn’t like.

Liberals who were shocked, confused, and just plain upset about the outcome of the election have been calling for and speculating about President Trump’s impeachment since before he even sat down in the Oval Office.

Steyer’s new TV ad represent another sad example of how triggered leftists with a lot of money, time, and financial interests seek to undermine Trump’s presidency.

Need evidence? I got you.

Steyer dropped over $90 million dollars in campaign funds to Democrats last year, largely focused on combatting climate change, despite having built his incredible wealth on the backs of the coal industry. He now parades around as some environmental liberal savior, while the carbon-polluting effects of his former company, Farallon Capital Management, could extend into the year 2030.

But hey, at least he likes to hold discussion panels on climate change and fund those who “truly” care about our world. Talk about turning a new leaf.

What might Steyer’s current plan be? To protect the environment of course! Oh, and maybe impeach the President whose administration serves as the antithesis to anything that might line this mega donor’s wallet.

(Cover photo: Stuart Isett/Fortune Brainstorm Green)

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