Bill Nye Just Blinded the World With a Bizarre Transgender Sing-Along


I had the incredible displeasure of stumbling upon a clip from Bill Nye’s new Netflix show this afternoon, and it made me throw up in my mouth. And, since it’s just not fair that I suffer alone, I’m passing this two-minute visual assault on to all you fine people.

Nye (you know, the same not-a-real-scientist who thinks climate skepticism should be criminalized) recently hosted a bizarre musical number on his show called – I kid you not – “My Sex Junk," sung by some random actress named Rachel Bloom. The whole thing is a montage to sexuality, gender warps and crude anatomical references, and was part of Nye's big anti-science pitch that there are more genders than Baskin Robbins flavors. 

Seriously. And the only possible way to describe this crapstorm of a “song” is that it’s an off-key pile of spandex-coated word vomit poured into fishnet stockings and served with a side of stab-my-eyes-out. It might as well be called “Exactly Why Donald Trump Won The Election, The Musical.”



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