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Biden: ‘U.S. and N. America Will Be the ENEGRY EPICENTER for 21st Century’

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Despite the Obama Administration’s war on fossil fuels, Vice President Joe Biden is promising that the United States “will be the energy epicenter” for the world in the 21st century.

Speaking at National Library of Latvia on Wednesday, Biden boldly predicted that the world will soon look to the U.S. to supply its energy needs – in large part due to “our abundance of natural gas” (a fossil fuel):

“The United States and North America -- Mexico, the United States and Canada -- will be the energy epicenter for the 21st century -- in part to our abundance of natural gas. 

“We’ve moved from anticipating massive imports of liquefied natural gas to becoming the world’s fastest-growing exporter. For the first time, gas from the United States is being used here in Europe.  And every country in Europe can now buy that American resource.”

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is waging a war on the U.S. coal industry, using the EPA to bankrupt companies and devastate energy employment, and blocking the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

In an effort to actually increase U.S. energy production, one oil pipeline company has filed a $15 billion lawsuit against the Obama Administration and states like Pennsylvania are passing laws to stop the EPA from destroying the coal industry.

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