Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield Continues Autographing for Veterans Even After Being Called Off Field


In a story that seems to have flown under the radar aside from a viral tweet, Baker Mayfield, the Cleveland Browns’ new star quarterback, made the day of several U.S. Army veterans.

In a tweet shared by local Cleveland reporter Hayden Grove that has since gone viral with over 41,000 likes and 6,800 shares, Grove writes that Mayfield "refused" to leave the autographing session when "called off the field by the team," remaining until he took a picture "with every soldier remaining on the field." 

The Blaze also reported,

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was signing autographs and taking selfies with U.S. Army soldiers Tuesday when he was called off the field by team staff as the session was supposed to be over — but Mayfield wouldn't budge, keeping right on meeting and greeting until he signed autographs and took selfies with each service member remaining on the field, a reporter said.

The only thing this story makes extremely clear is why Baker is so beloved by the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

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