Awkward: ‘The View’ Co-Host Asks Rachel Maddow if She’s Part of the Reason Why People Distrust the Media


MSNBC host Rachel Maddow probably wasn’t expecting to be asked this question on “The View” today.

Maddow in an appearance on “The View” Thursday discussed with the show’s co-hosts California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s so-called “parody” account of President Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president.

Co-host Abby Huntsman expressed her “frustration” that now there is this “smoking gun” and no one trusts the media anymore.

Huntsman then asked Maddow if she thinks she’s “part of that problem":

“My frustration is that there has been a crying wolf for so long. This is it, this is the smoking gun. He’s out for two years now from Democrats, from some members of the media, that now you have people in this country that are, like, we don’t believe anything anymore. They’re shutting it off. They are not taking it as seriously as they should, and I ask you, do you think you’re part of that problem? Do you think that you have?”

Surprised by the question, co-host Joy Behar interjected, “Rachel?” while putting her hand on Maddow's shoulder.

They laughed.

Maddow then shifted blame by saying that President Trump’s presidency has been “really scandal-ridden” so Huntsman made “a very good point.”


“I think it’s a very good point,” said Maddow. “It’s a consequence of having a really scandal-ridden presidency with all sorts of stuff happening all the time, that in any other presidency, would have already led to impeachment.”

She continued, “Just before you guys got on the air today, the President went out on the South Lawn and he was asked, ‘What did you want the Ukrainians to do?’ He said, ‘I want them to investigate Biden. And I want the Chinese to do it too.’”

“We can put all that aside,” Maddow added. “He’s just admitted to it on the South Lawn. So, you don’t need an inquiry.”

Maddow earlier already decided that Trump will be impeached, even though saying whether she was for or against it was "not my job." 

This comes as Axios reports that the White House will be sending a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi daring her to hold a formal vote on the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.

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