Atlanta Fire Captain Suspended Without Pay For Trying to Save 95-Year-Old Woman From Burning Home


I understand that serious jobs require serious protocols in order prevent as many incidents and keep as many people safe as possible. But for a firefighter to be suspended for save an elderly woman’s life is a little much.

Last June, Atlanta Fire Captain Daniel Thomas Dwyer and his crew responded to a fire at the home of 95-year-old Sally Skrine. Dwyer went into the home ahead of the rest of his crew in an attempt to save Skrine. Dwyer was successful in his attempt, but Skrine eventually lost her life because of injuries, according to 11 Alive.

Because of the urgency Dwyer used to bring Skrine out of the burning home alive, he’s been suspended for four days without pay.

According to a “notice of final adverse action” complaint, Dwyer “entered the structure without your crew members which is in immediate conflict with no freelancing, accountability and maintaining crew integrity.”

Atlanta Fire Chief Randall B. Slaughter said the following in a statement:

The disciplinary process for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department is designed to encourage safety and order. It also seeks to establish clear expectations in both emergency and non-emergency situations. At this time it would be inappropriate to publicly discuss individual disciplinary cases that have not been totally resolved. The City of Atlanta has a process in place where each employee is afforded the opportunity to appeal proposed adverse disciplinary actions with the Civil Service Review Board.

Again, I understand that in a job as dangerous as firefighting there needs to be a high level of discipline and protocol for the safety of all those involved. But Dwyer’s suspension actually has me agreeing with the head of union. Go figure!

“When the men and women in the station hear that fire captains are going to be punished for acts of valor, it just goes against everything in which a firefighter swears an oath to uphold,” said Atlanta Fire Union President Paul Gerdis.

Dwyer is reportedly appealing the decision.

For local coverage of the story, watch below:

H/T: The Blaze


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