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AP: ‘Steady Trickle’ of Caravan Migrants Entering U.S. Illegally by Climbing, Tunneling Under Walls


According to the Associated Press, there has been a “steady trickle” of caravan migrants entering the U.S. illegally from Tijuana, Mexico, skipping the wait to request asylum.

AP reports that these migrants have found different ways to cross – including climbing over, tunneling under, and slipping through walls – to make their way into the U.S. and assert their claims for asylum.  

AP writes,

Thousands of migrants are living in crowded tent cities in Tijuana after undertaking a grueling journey from Central America to the U.S. border. A large number have decided to make new lives in Mexico, applying for work permits and taking jobs at local factories while they wait as the U.S. government processes about 100 asylum requests a day at the San Ysidro crossing, the United States' busiest.

But by word of mouth, some have realized they can simply cross into U.S. territory, largely uninhibited by Mexican authorities. In twos or threes — occasionally by the dozen — they arrive at the border wall and manage to get over. Often within minutes, border officers quickly arrive to escort them to detention centers and begin ‘credible fear’ interviews.

Tijuana's mayor has criticized Mexico's federal government for not doing anything to assist his city overwhelmed by the migrant caravan's arrival. Now it looks like the government's strategy to address that problem is to do nothing to prevent those migrants from entering the U.S. 

Journalists covering the migrant caravan on the border for the Associated Press said they saw for themselves “more than a dozen migrants taking the risk” over just two nights last week.

Migrants who have crossed include a Honduran couple who were photographed slipping their eight-month-old child through a hole under a border wall.

This news come after it was reported by MRCTV that a pregnant Honduran woman was able to scale the border wall and enter the U.S. illegally, achieving her goal of giving birth on U.S. soil just a day after crossing. 

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